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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Top/Best MBA Colleges in Canada

Top MBA Institutes in Canada

These days, you will find that students are getting keen to pursue a degree called Masters in Business Administration or MBA after completing their graduation. MBA is a post graduate degree which is offered in almost every part of the world and students from different streams want to do this course. You must be thinking if this degree deals with administration of business then why people from different walks of life want to do this degree. Well there are many reasons due to which the MBA degree is becoming popular. First of all this degree gives knowledge to students about how to work in an organization while cooperating with other people. Apart from general knowledge on subjects like accounting, resource development, marketing and few more, a student can do specialization in one particular area as well.

Now there are different countries from where you can do a MBA course. But one place which is very popular amongst students is Canada.  There are large numbers of business schools in Canada from where you can take the first step for making a career in the corporate sector. Here are listed the names of few business schools of Canada which can prove to be helpful to you.

•    University of Alberta
•    Dalhousie University
•    University of Toronto
•    Vancouver Island University
•    Mount Saint Vincent University
•    Simon Fraser University
•    York University

As stated earlier, students can pursue specialized MBA in the area of their interest. Some of the well known programs which can be done in business colleges in Canada are agriculture and forestry MBA, hospitality and tourism MBA, human resources MBA, leadership and communications MBA, accounting and finance MBA, health and medical MBA and lots more. To get admission into the program of your choice you must secure a  score of 550  on an average in exams of GMAT or GRE.

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